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Nestled in Oakland County, Oak Park is where urban vibrancy meets suburban charm.  Its diverse community fosters a sense of belonging, while its thriving entrepreneurial spirit fuels innovation and growth.  The city continues to elevate the lives of its residents and businesses through exceptional opportunities, amenities, and services.  This vibrant gem stands as a shining example of the State’s dynamic spirit.


Be Social

Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors and lively atmosphere of Oak Park’s Water Tower social district, quickly becoming a neighborhood gem where great food and savory craft brews intertwine with a relaxed vibe.  Discover the up-and-coming neighborhood on 11 Mile!

A royal sarcophagus from the King Tut exhibit at the Cranbrook Institute of Science

David H Shepherd Park

Affectionately known as the “Train Park” kids love to climb and play on the massive wooden train at Shephard Park. In addition to the train, the park boasts a variety of amenities for all ages, including baseball fields, basketball courts, and volleyball facilities. The park comes alive throughout the year with wonderful family events such as concerts, movie nights, and community gatherings.
A royal sarcophagus from the King Tut exhibit at the Cranbrook Institute of Science

Where Charm Meets Community

Located in the heart of Metro Detroit, Oak Park is a charming city with a vibrant sense of community. Its tree-lined streets and wooded parks offer a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, while its tight-knit neighborhoods foster a sense of belonging.

Where Fun Takes Center Stage

Join us for a summer of fun-filled memories. Let loose at the Summer Blast carnival, sing along at summer concerts, and celebrate Independence Day with a parade and festivities. When the sun sets, cozy up for movies under the stars in Shepard Park.

Standing Tall, Bright & Beautiful

Over 15,000 radiant sunflowers bloom in vibrant clusters around Oak Park, serving as a vibrant symbol of the city’s unique spirit. Their presence adds a splash of color to our landscape and creates a welcoming and joyful atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

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