Downtown Birmingham is a premier regional shopping and dining destination.

The vibrant, pedestrian-friendly downtown has nearly 300 retailers including fashion boutiques, home goods stores, gift shops, jewelers, salons, antique shops, art galleries and more. Coveted national brands blend well with local shops, creating a diverse and attractive retail mix.

Lovely city parks give space for lively community activities

In addition to offering areas for reflection and connecting with nature. A wide variety of restaurants include both casual and upscale dining, with cuisines from around the world that are sure to please every food enthusiast.

A royal sarcophagus from the King Tut exhibit at the Cranbrook Institute of Science

Quarton Lake

Quarton Lake, located on the city’s west side, is fed by the Rouge River. The Quarton Lake Park surrounds the lake almost entirely and provides passive recreation areas for the public.

Quarton Lake shoreline natural areas will be treated with a prescribed ecological burn between the hours of 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.
The safe and carefully controlled ecological burn is completed by trained personnel with David Borneman LLC, a contractor with over 30 years of professional experience conducting prescribed, ecological burns. The Birmingham Fire Department have permits for this burn to be conducted.

A royal sarcophagus from the King Tut exhibit at the Cranbrook Institute of Science

The Community House

Welcome to The Community House – a house people have been calling home since 1923.

Right in the heart of Birmingham, Michigan sits this extraordinary destination where people come together to enjoy extraordinary experiences.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the area or a long-standing resident — just starting a business, just starting a family, or just starting a night on the town — it all starts at The Community House.

Explore our classes, event offerings and award-winning child care programs to experience first-hand how your contribution impacts the greater good of our community.

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